Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yeah! A new post! Sorry I have been extremely busy and well the internet hasn't been working at our apartment since January. So now that I am home in Utah I can finally get a post up. Some new news... no we aren't pregnant, but we are finally home in Utah. I finally graduated from MSU with a B.A. in Chemistry, and a B.S. in Corporate Fitness. Also.... WE MADE IT INTO THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH! We are finally going to be UTES! I feel very blessed for the opportunity to have made it into the Pharm D program at the U. Schyler still has a few things to do until he gets his Bachelors but he is well on his way. I am so proud of him and love how he has supported me over all these years. Only four more babe and then I can return the favor!:)

My parents, little sister, and her son came up! I have to thank them for traveling that far and for helping us out with the move! Here's a few pics of the graduation!
We had my graduation party at plant pizza so all the little kids could play and enjoy themselves. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and family those last few days we were in Minot. Schy and I are going to miss the people very much (maybe not so much the town and not the weather at all!) I have to say that I truly found some great friends and appreciate the love and support we received while we were there. It was a great learning, and growing experience. Someone once told me the church is true no matter where you are. This is so true and I came to understand what it really means to go to a "family" ward. Everyone was a family out there and the strength and unity felt was unlike any other. I really will miss that!
On our way home we made a few stops. Our first stop was the reptile garden which had tons of snakes. They even had a 15 ft. 5 in crocodile!

This is Daxen and me petting a snake. I couldn't believe that he did this with me cause he was a little scared when we went in!
Ever wonder what we would look like a munchkins? Well here ya go:)

We then went to Bear country. This place was awesome. At first you drive in and see some different animals. We saw wolfs, mountain goats, cougars, and of course bears. When you get the section with bears. There was one bear at the entrance who would not let you in. He would guard the gate going back and forth back and forth. It was hilarious. this is the bear
At the exit there were two. That would only go half way, almost like passing the guarding off to the other bear. They of course were going back and forth. So exiting was impossible. It wasn't until one of them left that we made it through. Then you can go to a section where you can see the babies. The cubs were adorable!
We then went to see some caves. This was awesome. It was crazy to see some of God's "hidden" artwork. We then went to Mount Rushmore. This was a neat experience! It was awesome to see that someone actually carved these faces out and without the technology we have today. Here are a few pics from Mount Rushmore.
This picture is taken with all the love we have! haha jk


T-Fam said...

Yay congrats I am glad that you get to be back in Utah.

DAVIS said...

COngrats on graduating and moving back to Utah! :-)

Melanie said...

Yay! You posted! Nice pic about the ND 39th state. haha We miss you guys.